Hello! Welcome to my bird blog! Do you like birds? I hope you do, because this is where I will share all of my bird adventures with you.

Birds are so neat! They come in so many different colours, they have so many different names, and their songs are so fun to listen to. I see birds everywhere I go. In the city, by the lake, on a trail, and right in my backyard! Sometimes they are in the trees, sometimes flying in the sky, and sometimes hopping on the grass. I always want to know more about the birds I see, don’t you? I think that I can learn a lot about different birds if I try to notice what they are doing and what they look like! This means I need to observe their behaviour and appearance. In this blog, I’m going to post all of my observations. so you can join me in the fun. Maybe you can write a blog or keep a journal about the birds in your backyard too. Wouldn’t that be fun?

First, I notice the season. The season is important because birds do different things in different seasons. It’s Fall! The leaves are changing colours and falling off the trees. Soon it will be winter. I think it’s a good time to look for birds because the trees aren’t so leafy. Maybe they will be easier to see. Since I want to learn more about birds, I decided to put up a bird feeder outside my window and see who comes to visit. I waited by the feeder, but there were no birds! I checked the feeder every day, for three days, and all of the seeds were still there. I wondered why they weren’t coming. I could hear the birds outside, and I thought to myself, “aren’t they hungry?” Then one morning a small bird flew close to the feeder. It didn’t even stop to eat! I waited patiently, and the bird came back again. This time, it took a seed and dropped it on the ground.

“Hmmmm,” I thought, “maybe this bird is checking to see if it’s safe to stop and eat?” I observed the bird’s behaviour and wrote it in my notebook. I want to remember this bird and learn its name. I decided that next time I would try to take a picture so I could draw the bird in my notebook.

A few days later, I heard a lot of commotion at my bird feeder. I went outside to look and there were so many birds. They were chirping and flying back and forth from the trees to the feeder. It looked like they were taking turns! Some of the birds looked the same as the first one. I think the bird must have told its friends about my bird feeder. Guess what?! There were new kinds of birds there too. This time I remembered to take a picture.

The first bird was small and round. As I observed its appearance, I could see that it had grey wings and a black head and chin. Its cheeks were white, and its belly was brownish-red. It had a short black beak and a song I’ve heard before. But, how would I learn its name? I opened my book of birds and looked for one that matched. A Black-capped Chickadee! I wrote this name in my journal so I can keep a list of every bird I see.

It was hard to take pictures of the birds I was seeing. They move so fast. I had to wait so quietly by the trees so that I didn’t scare them away. But it seems like they really like the feeder because all of the seeds are almost gone. That gave me an idea! I’m going to fill up the feeder again and see how long it takes before it’s empty. Come back next week and I will show you how much they ate! If you want to make a bird journal too, all you need is some paper or a notebook and something to write and draw with. I’m using coloured pencils so I can show all of the different colours I see.

I hope you liked my first blog post. It was so fun to be outside and watch the birds. I hope you go outside and see some birds this week!